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Empower your teams to achieve their full productivity potential with sustainable, customised contact centre solutions

Contact centre solutions that help you do more with less

As businesses strive to do more with less, many turn to cost-cutting, restructures, and skills exercises to improve the performance of back-office teams.

It’s time to shift focus and go with a different approach.

High performing teams don’t need more people or more KPIs – they just need the right ones. Successful teams have the right mix of skills, are all committed to the business and its cause, and consistently deliver amazing end-to-end service and outcomes.

Omada One’s contact centre solutions are designed to help you achieve just that.

Omada One helps set your teams up to succeed

Omada One has over 30 years of experience learning what makes successful teams tick and creating teams and agents of the future.

Using our sustainable contact centre solutions, we help build, empower, and improve back office and contact centre teams, ensuring they have the right mix of skills, the right outlook and are empowered to deliver the right outcomes.

Whatever your biggest hurdles or objectives, we’ve created back office and contact centre solutions that are tailored to you and focused on delivering long term success and team productivity. Whether you want to build internal capability or make the most of external expertise, Omada One are here to help you do more with less and go further than ever before.

Do it with you

We’ll be on the ground working with you to build and grow your teams. Offering hands on training and consultation to ensure skills, capabilities, attitudes, and structures are set up for success.

Do it for you

Need extra support and expert guidance? We can do it for you, with expert outsourcing and external management services for some of your business functions to help you improve output immediately.

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