Factors impacting back office and contact centre productivity

When teams are tied down by constricting processes, or attention is placed on
individual performance rather than team effort, it becomes hard to deliver
meaningful employee experiences, build and retain great staff, and deliver quality
customer outcomes.

You know things can be improved and know that in the future you may be required
to make cuts and changes that could impact delivery. You’ve tried to optimise
productivity and performance but you’re still not seeing change and progress. Why?

Focus on process

Multiple, time-consuming processes that drive down productivity and steal the focus away from the overall goal and outcome.

Insufficient metrics

No real data source of truth for business or performance data -it either doesn’t exist or isn’t properly used to determine productivity.


Individual performance conflicts with team performance and overall customer outcomes.

Quantity over quality

Focused on the ‘how much can be done’, not the ‘what can be achieved’, and not considering the needs and requirements of what makes a true team.

Imagine a brighter future

When back office or contact centre teams are built focusing on the number of team members instead of the capability of the complete team, the focus is moved to managing headcount, not managing better outcomes. It’s not about the number people, it’s the quality and capability of them.

Your teams should be structured around skills, capability and the entire process – rather than headcount. This is accentuated when looking to outsource. Put simply, most outsource contracts are built for long term FTE engagement. At Omada One we believe there is a better way.

While each individual plays an important part in the team, personal wins aren’t the goal. A team who shares a joint focus on the outcome are more likely to feel valued, that their effort is meaningful, and that the team would suffer if they left. The result is teams who can do more with less, stay longer, and deliver better outcomes.

Staff retention

Staff who feel valued, that they are contributing to a bigger goal, and are being upskilled – so they want to stay longer.

Knowledgeable staff

Less staff who are more skilled, capable, and invested in their team and role. The team has the right mix of skills that complement each other.

Smart decision making

Using accurate, reliable data to make smart decisions through forecasting, and accurately measuring output.

Full potential

Each team and team member is meeting their full productivity potential – both individually and as a team – and delivering optimum outcomes.

Enable your vision

It’s time to embrace what’s possible and empower your teams to do more, go further and achieve better.