Contact centres have become the face of many industries. Far from their early days as volume-focused customer service operations, they are now a core part of how companies deliver customer value.

Omada One’s management has always been intimately connected with the industry as a whole. They have participated in boards and industry bodies to help bring good corporate governance to contact centres by sharing their learnings and insights from a business perspective to add value to the sector.

Over two decades, Omada One’s Sean Mather has witnessed dramatic changes in the contact centre industry first-hand.

As the industry and Omada One continue to grow, we discuss current industry events and developments to highlight the depth of experience behind the Omada One team and the leaps in complexity the industry has undertaken.

Hong Kong Contact Centre Awards

The Hong Kong Customer Contact Association (HKCCA) Awards were recently judged in Hong Kong and Foshan City in Guangdong Province. These are the premier awards for contact centres and back office operations in Hong Kong and Greater China. They recognise the excellence of organisations and individuals in customer contact management and contributions to the overall success of the customer contact industry.

Last month, Omada One’s Sean Mather attended the awards process, judging 43 assessments to recognise great talent and great operations in each represented Industry across categories, including:

  • New talent
  • High performing centres
  • Industry growth – in terms of how companies are adapting to the ever-changing business world
  • Digital transformation
  • Best in people development

We are eagerly awaiting the announcement of the winners due in November.

For Sean, the biggest outcome from the awards comes from looking at high-performing contact centres, identifying why they were recognised and then linking those insights back to the broader Industry to help others achieve that level of productivity and performance. Omada One constantly strives to bring the best standards to the work we provide for clients. Opportunities to be involved in events like these expands our field of reference regarding contact centre and back office performance to benefit our clients.

Maintaining this outcome-based focus on supporting the contact centre industry to grow and evolve has been a career-long passion of Sean’s. These awards showcase examples of how the industry is responding to digital transformation / people management / corporate governance and the enduring power of high-performing teams – a key focus of Sean’s early experiences in the Australian contact centre industry.

AusContact – Australia’s Contact Centre Association

Recently, Sean Mather stepped down after over 20 years as a member of AusContact’s board of Directors.

Initially called ATA, with a board of 20 directors in 2003, Sean was a part of the team that shifted the association’s focus from one heavily geared around growing events to one with corporate governance at its core, focused on industry growth and member development.

Sean was involved in driving significant change over the years he served on the board. As the organisation matured, its focus became the industry’s growth from a company perspective. Asking questions like “How do we support and nurture contact centres to adapt and change successfully?” set the direction AusContact would take into the future.

Innovation quickly became the driving force behind the sector. AusContact identified the importance of modernisation and an openness to change as fundamental mindsets for the industry. Omada One have built innovation into the very heart of what they do and continues to lead businesses into the future by incorporating these principals into contact centres and back office operations.

As an effective governing body, AusContact were able to tackle areas like a lack of standards around salary and processes, people management and professional development.

Sean gained invaluable experience over his time with AusContact. This experience flows into Omada One’s unique approach to contact centres and back office operations and the expertise they can offer clients who are navigating:

  • Inefficiencies
  • Lack of strong measurements
  • Team structure
  • Customer outcomes-based measurements

How competently shifts in structure and focus are navigated are indicative of the strength of the management team. The depth of experience behind Omada One in assisting clients in these areas stems from decades of practical application in the industry.

How Contact Centres have evolved over two decades

These two recent episodes inform Sean’s insights into the changes that have occurred over the last two decades.

He has seen the industry shift from:

  • Focusing on the least amount of cost to believing in their ability to deliver maximum gain
  • Volume to complexity
  • Analogue to the forefront of the digital world
  • Digital transformation from phone-only to apps/web integration for customer service

Contact centres are now a vital part of the face of numerous industries. This is a massive leap from where they were two decades ago. Businesses will continue to feel the pressure for rapid evolution, now more than ever.

Omada One believes that participating in the contact centre and back office industry means challenging businesses to:

  • Think beyond the next trend that everyone is talking about.
  • Focus on how they can truly make a difference.
  • Understand how they can better focus on the customer.
  • Prepare themselves to be ready for what’s coming next.

Omada One is committed to building an industry that is resilient, responsive and able to continue partnering with companies for optimised customer outcomes.

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